Rental Insurance

As a leader in equipment rentals, Sunlyn constantly looks to offer the best business solutions for the current economic climate. To give clients that added competitive advantage, we have introduced Rental Insurance on all Sunlyn office automation equipment rentals.


Suppliers can rest assured that:

  • There will be no insurance delays impacting on initial pay-outs.

  • The process is more streamlined due to reduced paper process and fewer calls to clients requesting insurance details.

  • The originating equipment supplier is the repairer of choice in the event of damage to rented equipment.

  • The claims process is smooth and efficient.

  • Clients’ excess payments are managed by us.


Rental Insurance gives end-users:

  • A competitive and hassle-free way to insure their newly-rented items.

  • Immediate cover of rented equipment upon commencement of the agreement.

  • Less hassle by dealing with one point of contact to ensure that the rented equipment is safe.

  • The entire process is handled in-house, meaning that the authorisation of repairs or replacement and payouts in the event of theft or damage, is much easier.