Sunlyn specialises in the rental of office automation and related equipment such as copier, security, information and communication technology equipment. Transactions typically range from R20 000.

Buying expensive equipment can slow down cash flow. Sunlyn helps to prevent this by paying suppliers on installation and then renting to our clients. This eliminates the risk of late payments and increases cash flow for both suppliers and clients. Principally, the rental arrangement strengthens ties between the supplier and its clients – a close-knit association that can be enhanced through the supplier going the extra mile. What is more, as a client, you can upgrade more often at a lower cost; benefit from an annual tax deduction without requiring capex approval; keep working capital intact; and pay monthly fees that are only a small percentage of the upfront price.

Sunlyn’s process

Sunlyn is the finance partner of choice because collaborating with us allows clients to focus on their core businesses, rather than on cash flow. Cash outflows also become smaller and more predictable. Our annual escalation plan reduces monthly rental fees and our BEE status translates into procurement points.

We’re competitive because:

  • We offer high levels of personal same-day service in all branches.
  • We assign dedicated Account Executives and back-up teams to all clients.
  • We train new suppliers and sales representatives in product awareness.
  • We provide customised solutions that benefit both suppliers and clients.