Eco Finance


Going green on energy not only makes sense, it helps create a sustainable environment and a sustainable business. Sunlyn’s energy solution is engineered to assist its clients to become more energy-efficient in their processes.

Sunlyn’s comprehensive solution extends from finance for energy optimisation products to helping claim applicable rebates and incentives and all the steps in between. Sasfin Bank has secured a ‘green’ funding line for Sunlyn from the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Canadian government’s Climate Change Programme. This enables clients to invest in renewable and energy-efficient capital projects. Sunlyn’s clients can finance new solutions to meet their energy efficiency needs instead of continuing to rely solely on power generated from fossil fuel sources.

Sunlyn is able to assist clients with monitoring and measuring the benefits of the energy-efficient systems implemented. Sunlyn is also able to facilitate Department of Trade and Industry (dti) manufacturing incentives that apply directly to capital investment in renewable and energy-saving projects. Its specialists assist clients to claim the cost-sharing grants, ensuring a complete start-to-finish energy efficiency solution