Start-to-finish Import Solution

Associated Companies

Sasfin Asia

Our association with Sasfin Asia (a subsidiary of Sasfin Bank) gives us a competitive advantage by providing sourcing and verification services. Sasfin Asia also confirms and finances orders and, with extensive experience in the industry, has the expertise to ensure that agreements are met and disputes are dealt with. We’re also able to:

  • Book forex on behalf of the importer
  • Authorise payment to foreign suppliers
  • Move and insure cargo from any destination
  • Negotiate repayments that benefit our clients
  • Classify the entire process as a BEE spend

Sasfin Bank

Sunlyn Trade Finance relies on Sasfin Premier Logistics to move and insure cargo. We cover the import transaction so that importers don’t need to worry about issues relating to foreign exchange. Using our own import codes, we pay for clients’ goods in whatever currency is required. We cover charges to the various suppliers and then consolidate them into a single, convenient Rand-based invoice to the importer.